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A notice from The Landlord Group tells a tenant so much more than you simply require your property back, it tells them just how serious you are about getting your property back. In many cases all it takes to make a tenant leave a property is a notice from The Landlord Group. The tenant will know that if they do not leave then they will have to go to court fully understanding that The Landlord Group will be standing right beside you all the way. In many respects the serving of a valid notice is the most important part of the eviction process and is absolutely key to a successful eviction.

Local authority housing stock is become increasingly difficult to secure, so many local authorities are advising many private sector tenants in receipt of notices to stay put until a court order, or even a bailiff is secured. They will scrutinise a notice, and if they highlight even a single error they will advise your tenant of the same. A mistake at this stage will be costly both in terms of lost rent and time as the process will need to be started again. Even the smallest of errors can be enough to invalidate your notice, and this will ultimately prevent you from getting your property back.

Experienced Lawyers

Any errors will only become apparent to you when you have embarked upon stage 2 of the eviction process, the court proceedings, and a judge is considering your notice. There are no safeguards in place to protect a landlord should he or she make an error at the notice stage of the eviction process. This is why The Landlord Group should prepare and serve your notices.

We are run by specialist landlord and tenant law solicitors and other experts dedicated to preparing eviction notices. Don’t take any chances when preparing the notice yourself or relying upon unregulated internet amateurs. Have peace of mind and let The Landlord Group help.



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