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Removing unlawful squatters and trespassers from land and buildings can be a very real and daunting task, and you will no doubt wish to act quickly. This is why The Landlord Group has a dedicated team of specialists just waiting to help you.

There are countless unscrupulous individuals who seem to make careers out of what they would call 'professional squatting' and make a point of knowing the law and their rights. We see this type of action for what it is, unlawful occupation, and in some cases criminal occupation. There is nothing 'professional' about what these types of people do.

Standard Court procedure

– £POA

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For squatters and trespassers, we will discuss with you the circumstances of your case and we will lead the way in bringing your case to court at the earliest possible opportunity. Our lawyers will take care of every aspect of the claim, including the preparation all of the court paper work, arranging for the court papers to be issued with the appropriate court, arranging service of the papers on the trespassers, taking and adducing witness statements in the correct compliancy format; we will even provide a specialist advocate to attend the court hearing on your behalf.

Our lawyers will take care of the entire process on your behalf, guiding you through the procedure every step of the way. Our fixed fee squatter and trespass eviction service includes the following:

  • The court fee (£355)
  • Our lawyers will prepare all of the court documents
  • Our lawyers will draft all of the appropriate witness statements
  • Arranging for the issue and service by hand delivery of the officially sealed court papers
  • Our lawyers will represent you at the court hearing
  • Value added tax

Interim Possession Orders

- £POA inc VAT

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For squatters and trespassers, Interim Possession Orders are a procedure whereby our dedicated lawyers will apply to the court for an "interim possession order". If made, the interim order requires the unlawful occupiers to vacate within 24 hours of service of the order. It can also be an offence to be present on the premises as a trespasser at any time during the currency of the order.

On the making of the interim order, the court will fix a hearing date in the near future, but in the meantime, the continued unlawful occupation of the land by anyone after service of the interim order will be committing a criminal offence. This is an exceptionally powerful tool in a landlord's arsenal, and can result in the removal of the unlawful occupiers in just a matter of days. The rules governing the procedure are very complicated and we would suggest that anyone considering instructing The Landlord Group to obtain an Interim Possession Order should contact one of our specialist lawyers to discuss your matter in the first instance. Please note that an Interim Possession Order is not necessarily suitable for all trespass cases.

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