Squatter & Trespasser Eviction

Standard Trespass Court Procedure - £1595.00

If you have trespassers or squatters on your land or in your property The Landlord Group can help. The Landlord Group will discuss with you the circumstances of your case and a witness statement will be taken from you. The Landlord Group will take care of this. We will guide you through the procedure every step of the way. Our lawyers will prepare and draft all of the court papers and we will arrange for the papers to be issued in the appropriate court. We will also arrange for the immediate service of the papers on the trespassers.

Our fixed fee for our squatter and trespass eviction service includes the court fee (£355), preparation of the court documents, drafting of all the appropriate witness statements, arrangement for the issue and service by hand delivery of the officially sealed court papers, representation at the court hearing and VAT.

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