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The Landlord Group excels in property debt collection, recovering unpaid rent and service charge, whether they are residential tenants or commercial tenants, for landlords. Are you owed outstanding rent or service charge by a current tenant? Are you owed rent or service charge by a former tenant? Allow us to help you recover the debt from a troublesome tenant.

Unscrupulous Tenants

Every year landlords right across the country are being forced to write off millions of pounds worth of unpaid rent and serve charge payments, which tenants have taken it up themselves simply not to pay. Whether the reason is a genuine financial reason, or is rather more dubious, it is both morally and contractually your right as a landlord to claim and receive these payments from your tenants. Why should unscrupulous tenants get away with not making these payments when you have kept to your contractual bargain by providing them with a property in which they occupy?

The main reason why unscrupulous tenants are getting away with not paying their rent or service charge is because they know that many landlords can not afford either the time or the legal costs of chasing such debts. Unscrupulous tenants do not care about a landlord's plight or whether the landlord is paid what is lawfully due to them. They only care about what 'they' can get away with. With little or no fear of legal redress, there is very little standing in the way of tenants who make such decisions not to pay. That is however, until now.

Service Charge Arrears Service

We are dedicated to putting a stop to underhand actions of such tenants, and are dedicated to seeking legal redress against such tenants on behalf of landlords. Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property, our rent and service charge arrears service is quick and cost effective.

The Landlord Group is not a debt collection agency. These organisations will charge you a high percentage of any rent they recover. We only require a one off small fixed fee payable on instruction. One of our specialists will be dedicated to your claim. Remember, You keep every penny of the rent and service charge we recover.

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Rent & Debt Collection – Residential

Within 48 hours of receiving our instruction The Landlord Groups lawyers will draft and send a solicitors letter

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Rent & Debt Collection – Commercial

Within 48 hours of receiving our instruction The Landlord Groups lawyers will draft and send a solicitors letter

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Block Management Service Charge Collection

Our new and exclusive free service is offered to all landlords with residential long leasehold interests and block management companies.

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