Attachment of Earnings

£375 inc VATInstruct Us

Where your tenant is employed The Landlord Group can apply to the Court for an attachment of earnings order. This is a very helpful enforcement option where the debtor is refusing to repay their debt once a County Court Judgement has been obtained as the debt can be taken directly from the debtor’s salary. The court fee incurred in making the attachment of earnings order can be added to the debt claimed.

Information Hearing

– £375 inc per person per title

Instruct Us

If you are unsure about whether the debtor has sufficient income or assets to pay the sums owed to you, it may be advisable to apply to the court for an order to obtain information from the debtor. This requires the debtor to give answers orally on oath to a court officer about his income, expenses and assets. Failure to comply with the order by the debtor will result in the matter being referred to a judge who may make a committal order against the debtor.

Our In-house Enforcement Options

Using our in-house streamlined systems means that we can act quickly to recover your debt. By taking action you show your tenant that you are not prepared to sit back and accept non-payment and that you will take the required legal steps to ensure the debt is repaid.

Once you have obtained a County Court Judgment against your tenant we can review your enforcement options with you to decide which method of enforcement is the most likely to be successful in your circumstances. Our enforcement experts will give you an honest and upfront view on your prospects of recovery and will advise you on the most cost effective route to recover your unpaid rent and costs.