Court Possession Order

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An expert lawyer will prepare and issue county court proceedings against your tenant to obtain a Possession Order. For The Complete Service, the county court will set a hearing date and a Landlord Group lawyer will attend the hearing on your behalf. Our lawyer will represent you and present your case to the judge, giving you the best possible chance of obtaining an order for possession and completing the eviction process. Let The Landlord Group take away the anxiety of standing before a judge.

The Complete Service

– £1249 inc VAT

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Our fixed fee for the complete stage 2 eviction services is £1249 inclusive of VAT. Our fixed fee for the standard court procedure includes the following:-

  • The Court fee (£391)
  • Our lawyers will prepare all of the court papers
  • Our lawyers will draft your witness statements
  • Our lawyers will represent you at the court hearing*
  • Value Added Tax

*Covid-19 Legislation Review Hearing

- £295 inc VAT

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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and since the 21st September 2020, the courts have introduced an additional step to the court posession process. The additional step is the Review Hearing. The Review Hearing is a prelimanary hearing whereby the court will assess the impact of the covid 19 pandemic on the parties. Not all courts and not all cases will be listed for a review hearing. Please note that our fixed fee for the Complete Service does not include for the preparation/attendance of a review hearing. Therefore in the event that your case is listed for a review hearing, an additional fee of £295 inc of VAT will be payable should you wish for The Landlord Group to deal with this on your behalf.

Accelerated Possession Order

- £1095 inc VAT

Instruct Us
  • Do you have a written tenancy agreement which has come to an end?
  • Has the appropriate Stage 1 notice already been served?
  • Do you only want to claim possession of the property without any rent arrears?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, then our accelerated possession order service is perfect to recover possession of your property, saving you time and money in the meantime. On average, an accelerated possession order is 3 weeks quicker than the standard court procedure.

Court Paperwork Only**

- £199 inc VAT

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If you have the time and confidence to carry out the court process yourself and taking time off work is not a consideration for you, but require complete peace of mind about preparing the complicated court paperwork against your tenant, The Landlord Group will do this for you for only £199. You are then free to liaise with the court and take personal control over the court possession process.

** This service does not apply to those who are seeking to use the Accelerated Procedure

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