Squatter & Trespasser Eviction

Trespass Bailiff Eviction - £399.00

The eviction of a squatter can be stressful. Experienced lawyers, such as The Landlord Group, help landlords throughout to regain possession of their property. Not all squatters will continue to pose a problem when a court order is secured against them, most will leave the property or land in accordance with the court order that we have secured on a landlord's behalf.

We understand how time is of the essence for a landlord in such stressful circumstances, so let us prepare, draft and lodge with the court all of the appropriate bailiff eviction papers. Attention to detail is, as always, paramount as a mistake at this stage could delay the bailiff from evicting the squatters. Our lawyers will liaise with the court to ensure that a bailiff takes back possession of your property or land as soon as possible.