Commercial Rent Arrears


The Landlord Group has many years experience in the recovery of commercial rent arrears, recovering unpaid commercial rents from current and former tenants. To this end, as a landlord of a commercial property, you have the benefit of the remedy of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) available to you.


– £215 inc VAT

Instruct Us

We are able to instruct the appropriate bailiffs, on your behalf, to attend the property without notice to seize, impound and sell goods from the premises leased to the tenant of an equivalent value to the rent arrears. The element of surprise is often vital in order to achieve the best results under CRAR. Our expert lawyers leave no stones unturned in obtaining the best results for you. CRAR is a fantastic cost effective remedy as a means of recovering your rent arrears back promptly. Carried out correctly, the process does not require a court order and our lawyers can act swiftly in bringing this action against your defaulting tenant. Read an article on the Distress Reforms for further information.

As an alternative, and if so instructed, to removing the tenant’s goods, we can professionally negotiate a short payment arrangement with the tenant to recover the arrears. This allows the tenant to keep their goods in the meantime, with the very real pending threat of removal should they fail to honor the agreed payment plan. We charge a fixed fee for this service; however, in the majority of cases, subject to the wording of your commercial tenancy agreement, the tenant will be liable for, and our lawyers will most certainly aim to recoup in all cases, the certified bailiff’s fees from the tenant. Allowing you to retain the full amount of any money we successfully recover for you.

Experienced Solicitors

One of our experienced panel solicitors will be dedicated to your claim, and you will keep every penny of the rent that we recover. Please note, taking this action is restrictive; it will automatically restrict your right as a landlord to evict your tenant as an alternative remedy. It is therefore very important that you consider at the outset whether ending the lease by evicting your tenant and obtaining possession of the property would be your preferred option. If it is, then The Landlord Group can still help.