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The Landlord Group excels in forfeiting leases and delivering possession of commercial properties back to landlords. Our fast and efficient nationwide service is unrivalled in this sector. If your tenant is in breach of the covenants in your commercial lease, our experienced lawyers can help. Just because your tenant’s business is suffering doesn’t mean that your rental income should be suffering too.


– £799.00 inc VAT

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We offer a fixed fee service to assist in the forfeiture of a commercial lease based upon the non-payment of rent. It is very important to check that you are able to use forfeiture to end the lease. If an act is subsequently found to be unlawful, then the act of carrying out peaceable re-entry could expose you to a damages claim for trespass and/or business interruption. Our experienced lawyers provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that the forfeiture of the lease is lawful.

Our Commercial Eviction Service Includes:

  • The review of your lease to ensure that forfeiture is an option available to you.
  • A legal review and legal advice to ensure that you have not waived your right to forfeit the lease through your conduct since the breach occurred.
  • The preparation and service of the appropriate legal notices.
  • An attendance at your property by a certified bailiff to peacefully re-enter your premises when the tenant is not on site. This generally occurs within 24 hours of your instruction.
  • Value added tax.

Fixed fee quotes for forfeiture based upon breaches of the lease, other than non-payment of rent, are available upon request. Forfeiting a lease and taking back possession of the premises is an alternative to instructing bailiffs to recover rent arrears for the same breach of the lease, see Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) for further information on our CRAR service.

Following the eviction, we can arrange for supervised access to be given to the tenant for removal of any possessions. It is a legal requirement that you provide the tenant with an opportunity, following the eviction, to collect any items left at the property that belong to the tenant.