Evicting Squatters

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The Landlord Group is committed to evicting squatters quickly and cost effectively. So much so that we have our own dedicated team dealing exclusively with squatter and trespass matters.

Illegal squatting and trespassing of land and buildings is becoming a major problem for landlords throughout the UK. The only way to legally evict a trespasser or squatter from your property with any degree of certainty is to obtain a Court Order. This is essential, particularly if your property comprises of open land or is a commercial building.

Difference between Squatters and Trespassers

So what is the difference between a squatter and trespasser? Essentially the answer to this question is very simple, there is no real difference. The difference usually comes down to how an individual defines those words. Whether you identify individuals as trespassers or squatters, they must be occupying land or buildings and who have entered or remained on the land (or in a building) without the consent of a person entitled to possession.

Our dedicated team has a vast amount of specialist experience in dealing with all types of illegal occupiers. We deal with unlawful occupation of land by travellers, unlawful occupation of buildings, whether residential or commercial and our know how means that we can obtain a court order for possession in a matter of days.

Criminal Offence

Recent changes in the law now mean it is now a criminal offence for individuals to squat or trespass in a residential property, see our article on the new legislation. However, some police forces have been slow to adopt the new law and still refuse to get involved in these matters. Where this is the case, our lawyers can help by liaising as intermediaries with the local police force.

Two types of Squatter and Trespass actions

The very nature of having squatters or trespassers on your land or in a property necessitates quick eviction action. The standard procedure, on average takes between 10 and 15 working days to secure a possession order. The second type of procedure is the Interim Possession Order, a procedure which can result in the eviction of the occupiers within just a few days. 

Your Next Steps

Trespass Court Procedure

Fill out our Instruct Us Form for squatter and trespasser evictions, and we can get started on your court proceeding as soon as possible.

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Interim Possession Order

Fill out our Instruct Us Form for an Interim Possession Order and we can get started as soon as possible.

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Trespass Bailiff Eviction

The Landlord Group’s lawyers will prepare and draft the court papers and arrange for a…

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