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The Landlord Group is an organisation run by people who have dealt with hundreds of defended cases. Our lawyers are fully converse with every type of defence and counterclaim a tenant might raise and will give you the best opportunity of defeating the tenant at court and getting your property back. For defended actions, we offer a fixed fee once we have reviewed your case. The very nature of possession proceedings means that they are always the subject of a judge's decision. They are also a court process, which means that a tenant (defendant) has the absolute right and opportunity to refute anything which a landlord might be claiming. Should a defendant wish to have their say, they must do this by submitting a formal defence to your claim. In some cases, a defendant may even seek to bring a claim against a landlord, in the event that this happens the court will manage how it wishes the case to proceed to trial. That said, not all defences submitted by defendants really amount to defences, nevertheless they will be treated as such by the courts.

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The Landlord Group's access to some of the very best lawyers means that we do not farm your case out to unknown parties. We can, with your instruction, continue to act on your behalf and therefore give you the very best chance of winning your case. There are many circumstances in which a case can be defended or indeed protracted by a defendant even if they do not file a formal defence. Sometimes a tenant will defend a claim or a claim will be adjourned by the court. Sometimes a tenant will turn up at the court hearing with nothing more than a long winded story, we can still help. We are run by specialists, with access to some of the best lawyers specialising in the law of landlord and tenant in the country, we can therefore continue fighting your claim on your behalf. We will not ‘farm’ your case out like other organisations and there will be no costly duplication of work.

Call us on 01924 376 222 or email your documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an initial fee consultation with one of our lawyers.