Residential Tenant Eviction

Section 8 Notice - £89.00

A Section 8 Notice is essential if you wish to evict the tenant because they have failed to pay the rent or the tenant has breached another condition of the tenancy or is causing a nuisance; a section 8 notice will usually give the tenant 14 days to comply. The Landlord Group has a dedicated eviction team on hand to help ease the stress of a nuisance tenant.

An assured shorthold tenancy cannot be brought to an end by a landlord, other than by obtaining a court order or if the tenant voluntarily vacates the property and returns the keys. Unfortunately most tenants who owe a landlord rent are seldom to vacate a property voluntarily. A notice form The Landlord Group is usually all it takes to either secure possession of your property or to secure the payment of the rent arrears.

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