High Court Enforcement

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Once your County Court Judgment has been transferred from the County Court to the High Court a High Court Enforcement Officer (“HCEO”) is able to take control of goods from the debtor and sell them to recover the debt, they can also act more quickly than a County Court Bailiff to evict your tenants. HCEOs work privately and have far higher collection rates than the County Court Bailiff due to the statutory financial incentives for a successful enforcement.

Execution against goods is a very popular method of enforcing a judgment debt, as it can be done quickly. However, this enforcement method does depend upon the judgment debtor having goods of sufficient value to discharge the sums owed.

Transfer to High Court Enforcement

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Where you have a County Court Judgment for more than £600 you do have the option of transferring the Judgment to the High Court to allow a High Court Enforcement Officer (“HCEO”) to enforce the Judgment. We apply to the courts to issue a writ which is comparable to a Warrant of Control and commands the HCEO to take control of goods from the debtor and sell them to raise sufficient funds to recover the debt. See Enforcement by High Court Enforcement Officer for further details.