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The Landlord Group excels at the preparation and instruction of a Section 21 Notice. On the ending of the tenancy, unless the tenant leaves your property voluntarily and returns the keys to you, the tenant is allowed to remain in possession as a statutory periodic tenant, and you must obtain a court order for eviction. The court will make an order for possession if the landlord follows the correct procedure. This involves the service on the tenant of a valid Section 21 Notice.

Section 21 Notices

– £89 inc VAT

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This notice terminates the tenancy by giving the tenant at least 2 months notice that the landlord requires their property back. However, possession cannot be obtained using this procedure during the continuance of a fixed term (the initial agreed tenancy period). Possession is available only after its expiry, although in certain circumstances, our lawyers may be able to set the procedure in motion during the fixed term, so that possession can be obtained as soon as it has ended (call us for more details).

Right To Possession

Importantly, the Section 21 Notice is your absolute right to possession, so long as you do not make any mistakes, do not take any chances with your notice. A court will scrutinise all of your paperwork with a fine toothcomb, an error at this stage could cost you months of lost time and potentially months of lost rent. The Landlord Group have years of experience in drafting Section 21 Notices that comply with current legislation, so give us a call and let us take care of it for you.

Dedicated Experts

One of our dedicated experts will draft and serve the appropriate notice for you. Depending on your circumstances, it may be that both notices should be served; in such an event the cost of 2 notices will total a single fee of £150. What is important is that you get your property back as soon as possible, you must, therefore, get the Section 21 Notice right. Again, a mistake at his stage will cost you time and money and will delay you getting your property back. Getting the notices right is why we are here and what we do.

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Section 21 Notice

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