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The Landlord Group recovers ground rent arrears for landlords throughout the UK. Our new and exclusive free service is offered to all landlords with residential long leasehold interests and block management companies.

We understand just how complicated the law can appear when it comes to dealing with long leasehold interests and block management. To this end, we have devised and now offer a unique free service for our landlord clients who have either long leasehold interests or run block management companies. There can be nothing more financially crippling for a landlord when faced with high maintenance costs, while at the same time being faced with long leasehold tenants who refuse to pay their portion of the service charge or ground rent.

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Our vast experience in this field allows us to give you, the landlord, the legal edge when dealing with rogue long leasehold tenants; we excel at recovering service charge and ground rent arrears. Whether it is preparing and serving a letter before action, or attending a court hearing for you, our expert lawyers will, on your behalf, lead you through each and every step towards recovering all that is owed to you.

Remember, we offer this service to you for free, you are not required to pay a penny towards our fees as we will seek to recover these from the tenant. The only cost you may have to pay relates to the court issue fee, should court proceedings be required.

If you have a residential long leasehold tenant who refuses or is not able to pay their ground rent and/or service charge, The Landlord Group will help. Our service includes:

  • The preparation and service of a formal solicitor's letter of demand.
  • The preparation, issue and service of the court documents.
  • The court paperwork to obtain a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against the tenant in default.
  • All correspondence with the tenant and/or the mortgagee as required.