Rent Arrears


The Landlord Group have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions together with answers regarding the fixed fee services that we offer.

My tenant has left the property owing me rent. Can The Landlord Group help?

Yes. If you know where they are and they are not on income based benefit, The Landlord Group will ensure a solicitors letter formally demanding the outstanding rent is sent to tenant. Remember, we are not a debt collection agency; we only have lawyers dedicated to your claim.

My tenant was receiving housing benefit, can I still get my money back?

Very unlikely. The financial status of your tenant is all important when considering whether to bring a claim. Generally, The Landlord Group will not pursue a tenant who is in receipt of benefits.

Can The Landlord Group get a county court judgement (CCJ) against my tenant?

Yes. If we think you have a strong claim and you ask us to do so, we will issue county court proceedings against your tenant. There will be more costs involved for this.

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