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The eviction of a squatter can be stressful. Experienced lawyers, such as The Landlord Group, help landlords throughout to regain possession of their property. Not all squatters will continue to pose a problem when a court order is secured against them, most will leave the property or land in accordance with the court order that we have secured on a landlord's behalf. We are seeing an ever increasing problem with squatters who decide to remain in a property or upon land in breach of the court order.

Trespass Bailiff Eviction

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Being a 'civil' matter, the police are powerless to act and have historically been reluctant to act in any event, even when by definition a criminal offence may have been committed. Whenever there are squatters or trespassers who have blatantly ignored a court order, there is an ever increasing propensity for them to turn threatening, or even become violent towards a property owner. Our primary objective is to protect you and your property or land. To this end, if such circumstances present themselves, the only way to avoid threats and potential violence against you is to instruct us and call in the court bailiffs.

Quickly and Efficiently

We understand how time is of the essence for a landlord in such stressful circumstances, so let us prepare, draft and lodge with the court all of the appropriate bailiff eviction papers. Attention to detail is, as always, paramount, as a mistake at this stage could delay the bailiff from evicting the squatters. Our lawyers will liaise with the court to ensure that a bailiff takes back possession of your property or land as soon as possible. If you instruct us to evict squatters from commercial premises, it might be more appropriate for us to appoint a High Court Enforcement Officer.

Our lawyers will prepare and draft the court papers and arrange for a court bailiff to attend and physically remove the squatters from your property. You will then get your investment property back.

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Trespass Bailiff Eviction

The Landlord Group’s lawyers will prepare and draft the court papers and arrange for a…

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