Tenant Eviction

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The Landlord Group excel in tenant eviction, our aim is to legally evict your tenants and get your property back for you as quickly and as simply as possible. We are here to alleviate the pressure and anxiety that this process can cause a landlord. If you have bad tenants or you are encountering any of the following difficulties, we can help:

  • You have a bad tenant(s) who is/are not paying the rent
  • You have a tenant who refuses to leave the property after the tenancy agreement has come to an end
  • Your tenant is causing a nuisance
  • Your tenant is carrying on a trade or business at your residential property
  • Your tenant is in breach of some other obligation contained in the tenancy agreement
  • You have squatters or trespassers in your property

Tenant Eviction Process

A court order is unfortunately a legal necessity when a tenant fails to voluntarily vacate your property following the service and expiry of a valid section 21 or section 8 notice. It is therefore of the upmost importance that your notices are correctly drafted and served before commencing the court process. A mistake in the notice can spell disaster at court with a judge potentially throwing your entire case out meaning that you must start the whole process from scratch. Under section 8 and 21, the court process will mean you having to meticulously prepare all of the court paper work, witness statements and legal arguments before you go to court. Under Section 8 (and in some case section 21) you will also have to personally attend the court hearing to present your case to a judge.

At The Landlord Group we know that this can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially for those who are not used to this type of environment. Let our experienced team alleviate this pressure. One of our many specialist lawyers will prepare your case and will represent you at the court hearing. This will negate the need for you to take time away from your busy daily schedule and will negate the need for you to worry about how you going to present your case to the judge.

Three Steps to a Successful Eviction


Eviction Notice

A legal requirement in all cases. The Landlord Group will prepare your notice within 24 hours of receiving your instruction.

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Court Proceedings

Only required when your tenant fails to vacate after Stage 1.

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Bailiff Eviction

Rarely needed. Only required when your tenant fails to vacate as ordered by the court in Stage 2.

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